Night Visit
Night Visit event, last stage

The Night Visit (夜這い) is an event that was added in version 0.194.

This event is located in the last room of Deteriorated Apartments. When Sabitsuki enters this room, the player can only see a black screen and hear a static noise. By pressing the interact button, they leave the room, and that is the only thing it is possible to do here at this point of the game. When the player controls Rust however, they can actually see what's inside the room, though the noise remains.

The room contains a blue barrier that prevents the player from going further inside. There is a bright orange carpet beneath the door and the barrier, there is a bed in the corner of the room and a PC next to it. Sabitsuki is seen sitting at the PC. A Sabitsuki-like Kaibutsu with an Iron Pipe stands behind her. It makes a couple of steps forward and stops one pace behind Sabitsuki. The first stage of the event is over, and there is nothing more for the player to see or do here, so Rust has to leave the room by using the door.

When Rust comes back in the same flow session, the Kaibutsu is standing in the same spot one pace behind Sabitsuki. It turns to the left, and this stage is over.

When Rust comes back to the room, the Kaibutsu is seen below the barrier, looking at the door. It makes a couple of steps forward, and this stage is over.

When Rust comes back again, the Kaibutsu is beating the barrier with its Iron Pipe. It does not stop and does not react to any effect. The barrier cannot be destroyed. The event is over, and can be reset by waking up.


To witness this event the player has to enter the last room of Deteriorated Apartments while playing as Rust. To progress between the stages, the player has to repeatedly leave the room through the door and enter it again. The event is reset by waking up.


  • According to a dictionary, "夜這い" can mean "creeping at night into a woman's bedroom", "stealing into a girl's bedroom at night to make love", or "sneaking visit​". The name is taken from the variable and switches that control this event.


  • This and the Erosion Event both feature a Sabitsuki-like Kaibutsu that attacks Sabitsuki (or someone in Sabitsuki's bed). That might mean that despite whatever makes her not want to leave the room, she does not feel safe there.
    • Alternatively, since the Kaibutsu resembles Sabitsuki so much, these events could be interpreted as suicidal thoughts.
  • Apparently, the Kaibutsu is aware of where the real Sabitsuki actually is.
    • Or maybe Rust is a priority target for it.