The Nexus.

The Nexus is the center of Sabitsuki's world while she is in flow. It is accessed from her dream room after she logs onto the computer. It consists of a square map with a door in the center that leads back to Sabitsuki's room, and a floor underneath that resembles cracked or shattered glass. Cracks extend from the center of the room out to the four sides.

The Nexus connects to the initial four maps: the Pipes and Phone Poles world (left), the Neon World (right), the Mouths and Eyes world (up) and the Ghost Garden (down).

No effects are obtained in the Nexus.


  • The appearance of the Nexus changes every .flow session. As you collect more effects, the Nexus changes between more different versions. After collecting all the effects, there is a chance that the Nexus will change into a rusty version of itself. After starting the endgame, there is a chance of a even rustier version appearing. If you max out Oreko's friendship counter, there is a chance you will see a very orange version of the Nexus.


  • It supposedly represent's Sabitsuki's current state of mind, due to its ever-changing nature depending on how far into the game you get.