Neon World
The entrance to the Neon World.

The Neon World is a world consisting of brightly-colored shapes and forms on a black background. It has many blue, green, and yellow flashing tiles on the floor, which make a beeping sound when Sabitsuki steps on them. It is populated by brightly-colored, whimsical looking creatures, similarly to the Neon World of Yume Nikki. The creatures in this world seem to resemble musical items, such as music notes, jukeboxes, and synthesizers; as well, many objects are decorated with musical notes.

The Headphones effect can be obtained here by talking to a grey DJ-like creature wearing a large pair of headphones.

Connecting Areas

  • Hospital (by going through the red gate in the upper-left side of the map)
  • Rusty Pier (by going throught the small opening in one of the equalizer walls, only possible with the cat effect)


  • Some of the musical tiles are arranged in patterns. For instance, there are two large hands formed by some of the tiles on the map.


  • The Neon World could be a manifestation of something happy or fun (like music, given the fact the Headphones are found here) that Sabitsuki might have enjoyed.