The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood (隣人) is a place which contains Smile's house and leads to the School. There are no effects in this world.

The player can reach this area by interacting with the lamp post in the northern part of the Wastewater Lake. They will appear near the lamp post in the Neighborhood. The entance to the west leads to the School, and the bridge leads to a small House (家) where Smile lives with his Sister.

There is nothing to interact with in the house. Sister hides behind Smile when Sabitsuki equips the Iron Pipe or fires a warning shot from the Handgun, and hitting Smile makes him laugh and gives the player the Smile menu type.


Connecting Areas


  • This area shares its rundown and grungy appearance with the Hole.


  • Some speculate that Sabitsuki grew up along with Smile in this area.


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House Siblings