Music World
The Music World map

The Music World (音楽) is an area with brightly-colored shapes and forms on a black background. The Headphones effect can be obtained here.

This world has many blue, green, and yellow flashing tiles on the floor, which make beeping sounds when the player steps on them. It is populated by brightly-colored, whimsical looking creatures, which seem to resemble musical items, such as music notes, jukeboxes, and synthesizers.

To get the Headphones effect, the player simply has to interact with a grey DJ-like creature that is wearing a large pair of headphones.

The only door in this area leads back to the Entrance, but this world connects with a couple of other areas as well. By going in between of two stationary red things with bubbles above them, the player will arrive to the Connecting Tile Path. Using the Cat effect to go through a narrow opening in one of the equalizer walls will teleport Sabitsuki to a small music-themed room, and by interacting with a red outline in there the player will be teleported to the Wastewater Lake.

There is also a special secluded area in the Music World, reachable only by being caught by a Kaibutsu in the Footprint Path. In this section, the player can interact only with the cube that stands in the middle of the room, and doing so will turn all other NPCs of the Music World into cubes like this one.


Connecting Areas


  • The amount of NPCs on the map is accurate for version 0.192.


  • The Music World could be a manifestation of something happy or fun, like music that Sabitsuki might have enjoyed.
  • It might also represent a nightclub, with a DJ, the general darkness of the area, and bright flashing lights.