Monochrome World
Cliff in the Monochrome World

The Monochrome World is one of the more trickier places to get to. The elevator in the elevator room will take you there but only if you go a certain path otherwise you'll be taken to the Apartments.

The elevator room is kind of hard to find in the darkness of the dark corridors but before you hit the Decaying Art Gallery you stay left and you'll eventually find a path that leads you there.

The Monochrome World for all purposes seems very peaceful. It being on a beach with a cliff at the top and a house at the bottom with a single occupant


Entrance > Plant World > Submarine World > Underwater Temple > Dark Corridors > Elevator Room > Monochrome World

Connecting Areas

  • Elevator Room (by taking the elevator)


  • Some of the debris here bare a resemblance to the floating art pieces in the Decaying Art Gallery
  • This area is inspired by the White Desert in Yume Nikki.
    • In addition the sole occupant of the Monochrome World, Metal-tan, highly resembles Monoe, an NPC found in the White Desert.


  • None