"Why hello there"

A strange monochrome girl living in a strange monochrome world. The machine girl has mechanical legs much like Sabitsuki receives from the Machine effect.

She resides in the house of the bottom screen of the monochrome world. She doesn't do much but walk around her house.


  • Just like other NPCs you can kill her with the Iron Pipe; however, unlike other NPCs once you kill her she stays dead even when you wake up. You can hit her repeatedly but she'll stay dead the rest of your game.
    • After hitting her once, if you hit her again, she makes a different, quieter painful moan. After that, she makes no other noises.
  • She was named by fans on Uboachan.
  • If you come to her room during the endgame, she is nowhere to be found.
  • She has a slight resemblance to Monoko and Monoe in Yume Nikki.