The jellies (ぶよぶよ) are orange colored jelly-like creatures. There are two of those characters in the game.

The first one can be found in the empty lobby of the Apartments, where it moves around and makes bubbling noises when interacted with.

The second jelly might appear in a room behind the staircase of the Reverse Apartments as a part of a random event. When Sabitsuki moves further into the room, it will drop from the ceiling, scaring the unaware player. If this jelly is not present, the player has to wake up and flow again for a chance to see it.


  • The noise the jellies make is the sound blue tiles of the Connecting Tile Path make when Sabitsuki steps on them.


  • Since those creatures are among the few things that are orange-colored, they might represent something nice, like others orange things in the game, or may be related to Oreko.