Industrial Maze
Entrance from the decaying art gallery
Industrial Maze II map

It is an area full of metal grates and pulsing, orange lights under your feet. Mechanical noises can be heard while wandering around this area. The Industrial Maze is home to several active Kaibutsu, who actively chase Sabitsuki around.

Somewhere here is also the place where you can find Oreko in a tube.

It should also be noted that while you can get here by way of the sewers that is a one way path. You cannot go back to the sewers once you've touched the symbol to get here.


Connecting Areas

  • Decaying Art Gallery (by going up one of the stairs)
  • Overgrown Islands (by going up the stairs with vines on them)
  • Orange Stairway (by finding Oreko in a tube and touching the symbol that appears in the newly created path)
  • White Maze (by touching one of the symbols in Industrial Maze II)
  • "Unreachable to the normal route"/Southern part of the Rusty Pier (by touching one of the symbols in Industrial Maze II)


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