A little cozy hotel in the Psychedelic Streets (pictured left).

Its inhabited by a variety of dark alien creatures resembling squiggles with eyes on them. Atop the roofs are more aliens, blue and pink with their cross-shaped eyes sprouting from their heads on stalks.

Inside the only accessible building are many rooms with maids in them but the maids in question are much different than the Gas Mask Maids.

Reaching these streets is not too difficult. In the Rainbow Cliffs area, found in the third door of the second room of the Rainbow Maze, parting the backdrop black curtains down a secret crease will reveal an entrance leading to the rooftops of the hotel district, whereupon can be found the Psychedelic effect. Avoiding this crease and continuing along the cliffs gives way to the City Coast.


  • One sofa is reserved for Rust. It is in the in the silent (for Sabitsuki) room. A woman there also shivers in another way when you bring up the pipe and does not react to the gun.
  • Finally, after so long, Sabitsuki can go to the toilet (and watch in the mirror, pictured below). Neither Rust nor Sabitsuki can enter the men's toilet although.