The Handgun Effect

The Handgun (けんじゅう) effect allows Sabitsuki to wield a handgun, which can be fired when the action button is pressed. The effect cannot be used to attack NPCs but rather deter them.

The effect is found by interacting with the dumpster in the Hole.


To the left of the Hospital, there is a wide alleyway that you can go into. Entering the alley, you must go left. Go up when the path splits that way, go left, go up again and right. The dumpster that you get the effect from is in front of the fence.

Video Directions


  • When the gun is fired NPCs move away from Sabitsuki.
  • Smile's Sister hides behind him when the gun is fired.


  • Since this effect is found in a dumpster in the Hole near the Hospital, it could mean that there was a murder at the hospital that Sabitsuki stayed at.