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Scary creatures in maid uniforms. During the game, they do nothing but bow to the player when interacted with or if player curtseys. The one in the Sugar Hole bar will serve you tea and cake.

They have minor roles in two endings.


  • There's an ongoing debate in the fan community about these creatures. Some people believe they are robots in maid uniforms, and call them 'Meidobot'. Others say they are humans wearing gas masks. In both the in-game sprite and lol's artwork variant, they both have flesh colored hands and ears, making the gas mask theory very plausible, especially when the Gas Mask effect looks almost just like theirs.
  • The sound effect of the chainsaw is called sugarsaw1. This sound effect is only used by a maid. In fact, just about everything officially named that is related to the maids have Sugar in the name.


  • Perhaps Sabitsuki's sickness was airborne (possibly due to coughing up blood and such) and her care takers may have had to wear these around her.
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