Gas Mask
The Gas Mask Effect

The Gas Mask (ガスマスク) effect puts a gas mask on Sabitsuki. Pressing Shift will make her lift up the mask, leaving only the left side of her face visible. The Gas Mask effect is found in the Plant Corridors by touching the plant emitting smoke in one of the rooms.


Entrance > Dysmorphic World > Footprint Path > Plant Corridors

Go north in the Entrance, and south in the Dysmorphic World. Once you reach the figure surrounded by yellow eyes, turn west until you reach a pair of arms, walk in between them. There is a chaser in this area, so move quickly, and step on two small white footprints to teleport to the Footprint Path.

Follow the footprints, turn north when possible and interact with the red tentacles until you are teleported to the Opposite Footprint Path. Find the gate made of flesh and go through it. Continue into the Plant Corridors, go through the western doorway and interact with a tentacle plant that is emitting smoke.

Video Directions


  • There is a Twintail version of Gas Mask effect, which is currently obtainable only in the Debug Room by interacting with Twintail Gas Mask Sabitsuki which appears only when the player wears the Gas Mask effect. Upon interacting with her, the player will see a message from lol: "Gas Mask Twintail ver. Because I made it with effort."1. Choosing "Yes"2 will make Sabitsuki wear the Twintail version of Gas Mask effect every time the player equips it. Pressing the action button will revert Sabitsuki back to her original hairstyle as she lifts her mask3.


  • None


Gas_Mask_Action.png Gas_Mask_Twintail_Version.png
Gas Mask lifted Gas Mask Twintail ver