Friendship Meter
Oreko's Ghost

The Friendship Meter is a counter which gauges your relationship with Oreko. This value changes solely as a result of interaction with Oreko, and begins counting after the first time you talk to her AFTER obtaining the Diving Helmet effect

Relationship state

As the meter fluctuates your relationship with Oreko may change. At any given moment you can be in one of three relationship states, which are:

  • Eradication (AKA Enemy), at -30 points and below. When in this state, Oreko will not be visible anywhere, and only her diving helmet will remain where she was supposed to appear. This is due to you having repeatedly killing her, which is the only way to lower the meter
  • Neutral, from -29 to 29 points. Nothing of note happens in this state
  • Friend, at 30 points and above. When you're in this state, you can see Oreko's ghost in the area where you get the Machine effect. Talking to the ghost will lead you to the place where you get the Orange Menu type

How to change the meter

There aren't a lot of ways to change the meter. Also note, interactions with Oreko are only valid one time per dream world session, and you can only interact with her if she's not busy working on her machine

Here's a list of what alters the meter:

  • Every time you enter the dream world, a check is made to see at which point the Friendship Meter is. If you're currently at the Neutral or Eradication relationship states, it will automatically increase by one point. If you're at the Friend state, no changes will occur
  • Talking to Oreko without the Diving Helmet effect equipped will increase the meter by 5 points
  • Talking to Oreko with the Diving Helmet effect equipped will increase the meter by an additional 5 points
  • Killing Oreko will decrease the meter by 10 points

As such, by interacting with Oreko you can change the meter by up to +10 or -10 points in one dream world session