Friendship Counter
Oreko's Ghost

The Friendship Counter (友好度) represents Sabitsuki's relationship with Oreko.

There are three states of relationship. The player starts at Neutral, 0 points. Nothing of note happens in this state. When the counter is raised to 30 points and above, Oreko enters the Friendship (友好) state. Being friends with Oreko allows Sabitsuki to see Oreko's ghost in the Sorrow area, interacting with her leads to the area where the player can get the Orange Menu type.

When the counter is decreased to -30 and below, Oreko enters the Disappearance (消滅) state. She cannot be seen anywhere, and only her diving helmet will remain where she was supposed to appear.

Changing the Counter

  • Every time the player flows, a check is made to see at which point the Friendship Counter is. If it is at 29 points or less, a point is added to the counter.
  • Interacting with Oreko without equipping the Diving Helmet increases the counter by 5 points per flow session. Sabitsuki has to obtain the Diving Helmet first.
  • Interacting with Oreko while wearing the Diving Helmet increases the counter by additional 5 points per flow session.
  • Killing Oreko with the Iron Pipe decreases the counter by 10 points.


  • The Friendship Counter's only purpose is the Orange menu type. Nothing else in the game requires the player to change the counter.
  • Rust is unable to see Oreko and there is no way for her to change the counter.