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I was wondering your thoughts on adding a glitches section, and how it should be formatted if one was to be added?

Some of the glitches in .flow include:

  • Open the menu in the chair
  • Double your speed without any effects
  • 4x your speed
  • 8x your speed
  • Make Sabitsuki invisible
  • Walk through walls
  • Lock your menu to only work in places it's supposed to be disabled
  • Move in a very weird way
  • Use effects while in Sabitsuki's bed
  • Open the menu during the mini game
  • Walk through walls
  • Move with the chair
  • Use any effect while awake
  • Explore the dream world while awake

As you can see the game is really broken, so I think it would be great to add.

Windows 10
KlejoraKlejora 31 Dec 2016 23:56
in discussion Suggestions/Questions / Questions » Windows 10

Hi. I was wondering if there's anyone here that knows how to get this game running on Windows 10. I really want to play this game, so help would be greatly appreciated.

Windows 10 by KlejoraKlejora, 31 Dec 2016 23:56
Emily EmeraldEmily Emerald 26 Aug 2016 12:42
in discussion Suggestions/Questions / Questions » Whaaa?

I read on the Flower Girl's page that in the apartments there used to be her "human" version.
Why it has been removed?
And in which version can I find her?


Whaaa? by Emily EmeraldEmily Emerald, 26 Aug 2016 12:42
Re: 0.192!
Emily EmeraldEmily Emerald 22 Aug 2016 21:53
in discussion .flow / Gameplay » 0.192!

You need to install "AppLocate" and start the .exe file of your game with it, choosing the Japanese language (wrote in Japanese). Don't worry, your game will not be in Japanese.
It worked for me ^.^

(Btw, sorry if I answered at such an old post)

Re: 0.192! by Emily EmeraldEmily Emerald, 22 Aug 2016 21:53

We don't actually as far as I know. Do keep in mind I haven't seen the designers art but there is a theory that she/he is transgender. It could be possible that she/he is male. I don't personally think so but it could be.

Re: Sabitsuki's gender? by PokecraftloverPokecraftlover, 15 Apr 2016 01:40

When I first played .flow I could have sworn that Sabitsuki was male. So it may sound like a stupid question, but what makes us sure Sabitsuki is female, and not just a male with gender issues due to the male qualities they exhibit.

Sabitsuki's gender? by ElementMonsterElementMonster, 08 Feb 2016 19:50

hey there. i had the same problem as Shondoa, and even after following your instructions, it doesn't work
i'm running it on a windows 10 computer
any ideas?

Re: 0.15 error? by hahaharumanhahaharuman, 14 Jan 2016 06:02

Never mind, it's just the entrance to the children's hospital which doesn't seem to be properly covered here. I just noped out as quickly as I could before tbh

Re: Shaking room by flesh_without_bloodflesh_without_blood, 10 Dec 2015 21:52
Shaking room
flesh_without_bloodflesh_without_blood 03 Dec 2015 22:46
in discussion .flow / Gameplay » Shaking room

In v0.192, there seems to be a room in the backalley hospital that can be entered through an elevator that is simply a white room that cannot be exited and makes the screen shake after a few seconds (which contiues if you wake up), but I can't find anything written about it anywhere.

Shaking room by flesh_without_bloodflesh_without_blood, 03 Dec 2015 22:46
Re: 0.192!
Lightvsdark777Lightvsdark777 26 Aug 2015 20:21
in discussion .flow / Gameplay » 0.192!

Every time I start a new game on my computer (I'm using the Japanese version of the game.), my game crashes and shows this error: ???? ,,tm ??????. A little help please?

Re: 0.192! by Lightvsdark777Lightvsdark777, 26 Aug 2015 20:21

Hello Izzy,
I'm also new here, as I thought these forums weren't used much. Then again, it's been a very long time since I visited this website. I saw your post and decided to join to reply to you.

FROM .flow v0.192

Anyways, I believe the numbers that you're referring to, are actually 97920 in that order, as opposed to your interpretation from the drawings on the walls in the apartments. While I can see why you'd think that first 9 is a 3, my first thought was that it is a 9, but had been drawn differently when compared to the second 9. Later, when a newer version of .flow had been released, the 'talk to the wall' glitch event had been added in, and the numbers that show up, are definitely 97920. I'll include pictures at the end if I learn how to.

Now, going off of theories from those numbers, I interpreted 97920 to resemble a date in time. Some countries use this date format, including Japan. The numbers, in that particular order, make out to be the 20th day of Sepember, 1997, and assuming that this date refers to Sabitsuki's birthday, it would make her twelve-years-old if you go by the first original release of .flow in 2009. Considering the game didn't develop much until the .10 version, which was released in 2011, she could have possibly been fourteen-years-old by then.
Further support of this, would have to be the event hidden behind the poorly drawn orange phallus with the smiley face, which can be interpreted as an erect penis, as it is 'happy' with a smile. After beating it with the pipe, you'll reveal what is hidden away, and eventually come across the 'dying girls' event. Notice how there are nine regular sized black-haired girls, and one huge one mounted on the wall. One-by-one, each girl dies. When the ninth girl dies, the stomach of the giant black-haired girl errupts and bloodied 'objects' pool onto the floor. Also notice how this event 'activates' when Sabitsuki walks in, as if she had caused it. The nine regular sized black-haired girls can represent nine months, and the giant black-haired girl on the wall can represent Sabitsuki's mother, and the erruption of her bloated stomach represents how Sabitsuki's birth inevitably killed her mother. The look on the giant black-haired girl's face during and afterwards can represent that she might have been suffering from the illness as well, which she might have passed on to Sabitsuki. Proof of this is, in the 3 different hospital corridors, one of them holds a black-haired girl in the corner room [with Little Sabitsuki absent from the middle room] and in the second, the black-haired girl is absent [while Little Sabitsuki is in the room next door], and finally, the third one holds the little red dot in the corner, where the black-haired girl's room would have been, and as Rust, you find that it leads to the same giant black-haired girl in the 'dying girls' event, already dead after her stomach errupted in the Sabitsuki chapter. All of the black-haired girls, for the most part, are located in and around the "Flesh Walls" world, and the map appears to resemble a uterus…
Taking all of these things into consideration, I assume that, on September 20, 1997, Sabitsuki was born, and her mother, the black-haired girl, died in the process of giving birth to her.

As for everything else you question, I'm uncertain of the color scheme and whether or not it holds any meaning. I'll have to look into that some more sometime.

PS: I'm unable to add the pictures since I'm not allowed to use 'links' for some reason. One picture is from the glitch event with the 97920 displayed, and the second is just of the apartment walls that resemble the same number.

EDIT: Another specific area for the black-haired girls to appear, aside from the Flesh Wall world and the hospital areas, is the city, inside of a building that resembles a hotel. I believe that Sabitsuki's mother, the black-haired girl, might have been into a prostitution ring, hidden 'discretely' in the guise of a hotel in the center of the shady yet lively neon city when you travel through the alley. The black-haired girl, being a prostitute, came in contact with many different shady men on a daily basis, and somewhere along the line, contracted a deadly disease that might have overcome the prostitution ring.
While I don't at all deny that Sabitsuki herself is a victim of sexual assault, I definitely know that her mother might have been, which led for her to find a way to make money by serving as a prostitute in this shady, likely gang affiliated ring. A new event within this area reveals a new world which supports the prostitution ring theory, and deep into that world lies a secret: a more innocent, foreshadowing side of perhaps one maid in particular.

Unless I haven't looked hard enough, I don't think there's a page for the Barren Streets or the connecting Back Alleyway.
I figure the Back Alleyway might be significant enough because it leads to the Alleyway Hospital, Barren Streets, Charlotte's little area and part of the Dead Hole.
The Barren Streets also have a few minor things that can occur at one of its dead ends with the traffic cones and an inaccessible door that I haven't found any info on.
Just a few things to vouch for their page worthiness.

One last minor thing. I feel like the Industrial Maze II should have either its own page or a more separated section on the Industrial Maze page so it can be less confusing. All it has is a picture of its map on that page.

Re: Map Suggestions by ScylesScyles, 04 Jul 2015 12:17

First off, hello everyone! I am new here, and I've been reading several things on this site and and I felt it be high time that I finally make an account.

Alright, with formalities done and over with, I have been thinking about the numbers and the symbols on the apartment walls (the orange and black graffiti in apartments 1 and 2 respectively). I think they have some meaning and are not there at random, especially considering the glitch event when you talk to the wall in one part of the game.

Please note, there are spoilers below:

Now, something makes me think that maybe these numbers could be something in relation to an event that happened. I tried to think maybe they were dates just jumbled up, but I don't know… it's not a price, because I was thinking that maybe certain numbers were references to either a 'sit down fee' to talking to a girl in a snack bar or a prostitution fee, however, the numbers that appear: 3792 and 4231, they do not appear to be the prices that'd validate that theory when converted to yen (or even USD).

In order of event:

1) When going through the hallway of Apartment 1 and going up the stairs, 3792 appears in orange writing. An orange smiley can be found nearby on the wall as well, with a strange sock-puppet looking drawing in orange (which, I believe to be a crude, childish depiction of an erect penis). A puddle of blood is on the floor, and an orange smilely blob is near the number. 4231 in black is on the floor, with a black 'XD' next to it. When you walk up the stairs to the roof, 4231 is written in black with a black 'XD'.

2) Apartment 2 roof has a black 'XD' above the door to go down, and it leads to a room where the orange 'penis' drawing with smiley is on wall. Another blood puddle on ground, and a black 'XD' on ground with 4231 written in black. Orange 'penis' with smiley appears again with a black 'XD', and then 37 is written in orange with an orange smiley with black 4231. Then yet another orange … jesus christ, I really think it's a weird 'penis' drawing… with smiley… Then a bloody pool and orange 37 with orange smiley and then another orange penis with smilely next to orange smilely and orange 3792 with an orange circle with dot and then an orange 92 with an orange dot with circle and a black 'XD'

However, an important connection: Further down is the room with the cone belonging to what looks like a friend of hers that you also cannot reach in the brothel region of a certain hotel.

My question: How do these numbers tie in? They obviously have some sort of meaning, and I think the colors might have some sort of distinction that separates events, just like how Apartments 1 and 2 may either be a lapse in time, or representative of either another apartment or another part of Apartment 1.

Now, since I personally believe that Sabi might have been roped into prostitution after being raped (I can provide the details from the game that make me think this if anyone's interested), I think that these numbers are very, very important to her and tie into important events.

What is everyone else's thoughts on this?

I'm happy to report that this glitch is alive and well in v0.192. ;)

Re: Broom glitch by magicalsushimagicalsushi, 22 Jan 2015 23:38

A pair of pages linked to from the maps page - 'Rusted Picture World' and 'Sugar Hole Painting' - are duplicates. I've just consolidated all uiseful info from Rusted Picture World onto the Sugar Hole Painting page, which seems to me to be the better of the two. We should get rid of Rusted Picture World, but it can only be deleted by an admin/moderator. Is there anyone here who can do this?

In 0.192, the girl in the cafe shows up in a new area of the game. The new area is accessed by talking to one of the maids in the Love Hotel after having eaten at least five meals at the Sugar Hole. This takes you to a pulsating dark area with drum and bass/jungle music. There are lots of maids and girls in white lying unconscious on the floor, and some large white statues(?) of girls in suggestive poses. The whole thing has a bit of a sexual abuse aura to it, especially as when you leave, you find yourself in the back room of the Love Hotel with the unconscious girls and maid.

Anyway, from that area, you can get to a room with a large white female figure doing…something…with some liquid on the floor; the file for this image is called vomitgirl.png, and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. The vomit room leads to a corridor with peaceful music and windows in the background, which leads to a cliff edge with arms and hands coming out of it. The girl from the cafe is standing near the edge of the cliff, looking into the distance. You can't reach her as some of the arms are blocking the way.

Looking at the charset files, there are movement animations for the girl, walking in all four directions, but as far as I know these aren't actually being used in the game yet, apart from the one for her standing and facing right. I've not noticed any effects which make her react in any way, although I've probably not tried all of them.

I'm not really any closer to guessing who she might be. Once again, she seems to be connected to the maids, but this time the area she's associated with is a lot more unpleasant. I'm still torn as to whether it relates to date rape (given all the unconscious girls), or prostitution (given the posing figures and another new area of the game which may involve it). If it's the latter, then the girl could be a procuress. Either way, it probably relates to something very bad having happened to the maid (and maybe also to Sabitsuki).

lol added three new areas to the game in 0.192 and left this one unchanged. One of the new areas is only accessible if you have eaten five meals at the Sugar Hole (or so I am told). From this, I conclude that:

  • lol is going to stick with the "eat lots of meals at the Sugar Hole to unlock stuff" mechanic.
  • lol probably considers this room to be finished.
magicalsushimagicalsushi 01 Jan 2015 17:54
in discussion .flow / Gameplay » 0.192!

So, this new version of the game was released in November, but I only noticed yesterday. We don't yet have any information about it on this wiki! There are several new worlds and events, and even a couple of new types of chaser.

I'll possibly add some info to the wiki later - or someone else could do so…

0.192! by magicalsushimagicalsushi, 01 Jan 2015 17:54

Welcome to the crossover topic! My idea for a .flow crossover is "The .flow of a Monster Hunter". This crossover has new areas, new effects, new NPCS, new chasers, and a new playable character. You can customize your playable character by gifting him/her armor. The old areas, NPCS, and chasers are in this crossover. The chasers have greatly increased in variety.

New Area 1: Deserted Island

Connects To: White world, Plant Labyrinth

Effects: Dryad, Lizard

New Area 2: Sandy Plains

Connects To: Industrial Snow World, Geometry World

Effects: Sandstorm, Cactus

New Area 3: Flooded Forest

Connects To: Overgrown Islands, Underwater Temple

Effects: Aquatic, Soaked

New Area 4: Tundra

Connects To: Monochrome World, Rusty Pier

Effects: Frozen, Ice Cube

New Area 5: Volcano

Connects To: Hell, Flesh Walls

Effects: Demon, Fire

New Area 6: Misty Peaks

Connects To: Famicom World, Microscopic World

Effects: Mist, Bird

Crossover by Lightvsdark777Lightvsdark777, 23 Nov 2014 18:03
OrogothOrogoth 04 Nov 2014 17:35
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Moss Of Green And Red

I think this page should be merged with Plant Labyrinth (Past). It's basically the same with less content.

by OrogothOrogoth, 04 Nov 2014 17:35
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