Microscopic World
The Fog World. In the right corner is the arm that gives you the arm effect

the Microscopic World is a place shrouded in what appears to be fog. Around the world lie microorganisms (file given name), pulsating to the beat of what sounds like a rhythmic heartbeat.

Continue along the path from the Geometry world and you'll find a flashing circular microorganism touching it will change the sound and allow you to walk through the walls that once surrounded you. Similar flashing microorganisms will take you back to being "solid" again. This can be compared to adjusting your view on a microscope hence the title microscopic world.


Entrance > Music World > Connecting Tile Path > White Room > Submarine World > Electric World > Microscopic World

Connecting Areas


  • The Arms Effect can be found here.


  • This world may be a result of Sabitsuki learning about cells and how a disease affects them. Perhaps as a result of trying to learn more about her own illness she stumbles upon the field of microbiology.
Touching these microorganisms will allow you to phase through walls here