Flower Girl

The Flower Girl is an NPC found in a room of the Plant Labyrinth.

She is found in a room with a pool and some flowers, hiding in a large group of vines. The first time you interact with her, she will grant you the Flower Menu, but past that she doesn't react to anything but the pipe. When hit with the Iron Pipe, she will die, appearing to wilt gruesomely. Unlike any other NPC except the Machine Girl, she will not disappear when she dies. Hitting her again does absolutely nothing however.

If she is killed, vines blocking the door to the past areas of the labyrinth will be removed.


  • There used to be an NPC in a room in the apartments that resembled her. However, this room has since been removed.
  • When she dies she makes a different noise than any other NPC in the game
  • When playing as Rust, she is always dead.


  • None yet