The Plant Effect

The Plant effect turns Sabitsuki into a cross between her normal state and the flowers seen in the Plant Labyrinth (Past) area. Like many other effects, it is entirely cosmetic and does not give Sabitsuki any powers. The Plant effect can be found by continuing in the pathway to the Plant Labyrinth (Past) past the first door and into the second then by interacting with giant flower in the middle of 4 smaller flowers.

Like the plant children there one of her eyes becomes a flower and vines encase her body; however, unlike the children there her legs are replaced with vines whereas they keep their feet.


Nexus > Pipes and Phone Poles > Apartments 1 > Industrial Snow World > Plant Labyrinth (Past)

You can go and look at the Gask Mask Effect directions up until you finally enter Plant Labyrinth (Past) Right before you enter, there should be what look like vines. Interact with them but don't bother going in. You can but it's not necessary. Go out of the door to the left, then go directly right down the path. Go through the only door you can enter, then there should be the flowers! Click the giant one for the effect!

Video Directions


  • The effect is しよくぶつ in Japanese.


  • None