Famicom World
The world map for the Famicom World

Famicom world is just like the Yumi Nikki Famicom World, in that you appear to be from an old school video game. Initially, you start off in the forest in which you can find the Broom effect from the witch in the house to the north.

Though a little hard to find at first, going east will take you out of the forest and onto the world map. From there you can reach the ruins. At the bottom of the ruins lies the Television effect.


Connecting Areas

  • Cloud World (through the stairway in the forest)
  • Ruins (by entering the gray squares on the map)


  • There is a well in the southern part of the forest. Normally there is nothing there but under certain conditions a Kaibutsu will appear there. It will send you to a trapped area if provoked but is otherwise harmless.