Famicom World
The Famicom World

The Famicom World (fc) is an area that is stylized to look like a retro game, and even Sabitsuki's appearance changes in this place. The Broom effect is located in the only house in this area.

The player can reach this area either by interacting with a grate in the Static Noise area of the Cloud World, or by touching the broken glass pieces in the Blue Electric World. In the first case, the player arrives in the Famicom Witch (FC魔女) forest. In the second case the player appears in the Warp (ワープ) area. It is impossible to go back to the Blue Electric World from here.

The Witch's house (魔女の家) is located in the forest. By going inside, the player can interact with the Witch to get the Broom effect, but there is one more point of interest outside. It is possible to go into the forest, where the path seems to branch off to the south. There is a Well (井戸), which is usually empty, but a Kaibutsu may appear here under certain conditions. It can appear only if a shared event variable is above 70 points, the same amount triggers the Jelly in the Reverse Apartments. To actually make it appear, though, the player has to provoke any passive Kaibutsu except for the one in the Blood Maze. The Kaibutsu in the Well slowly moves toward the player and traps them on touch.

Six paces to the north of the Well and under the rightmost withered tree is a way to the Path (小道), which leads out of the forest and into the main area of the Famicom World, which consists of an island surrounded by a sea. This area has nothing to interact with and contains no events, but it leads to several other rooms. By following the path from the Witch's house, the player will arrive to a set of gray patches which leads to the Machine Nation. There is another set of gray patches on the south, which leads to the Warp area. By following the path to the very end of this island, the player will arrive to the ? area. There is nothing to do in the Warp and ? rooms.


Connecting Areas


  • lol had tried to made a sole menu type for Famicon World, but soon gave up due to several technical problems.


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Famicom Witch forest Witch's house Inside the well
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Forest path Warp ?