Erosion Event
The Erosion Event

The Erosion Event (侵食) is an event that was added in .flow in version 0.19.

When the event is triggered, it shows Sabitsuki's Room, but in grayish colors, with a person lying in the bed. Then, the screen is covered with red noise and blood starts spilling from around the door. After a slight distortion, the door opens and Kaibutsu that looks like Sabitsuki appears, holding an Iron Pipe. With more distortion effects, the Kaibutsu makes its way to the bed, and hits the person in there with the pipe. The screen goes red, and Sabitsuki wakes up, steps away from the computer, and pinches her cheek.


This event is triggered every time either Sabitsuki or Rust use the wake up option while flowing, if the Erosion Counter is at 250 or above.


  • Unlike Sabitsuki, Rust does not pinch her cheek after this event. This is because Rust does not use a wake up animation at all.


  • Sabitsuki pinches her cheek after this event, as if she wants to make sure this is not another dream, but reality.