Ending Theories

Theories pertaining to the True Ending, the Maid Ending, and the Rooftop Ending

True Ending

  • It is often speculated that this ending and everything done or came before it is Sabitsuki's dying dream, something that occurs when someone is dying and or very close to death. Going along with the aforementioned, Sabitsuki was dying from her illness and decided to put up one last fight (her running towards the maid) before ultimately giving in (her going limp after having her legs cut off).
    • Alternatively, the ending could be interpreted as her having a peaceful death, after being sick for so long.
  • Another theory has it that Sabitsuki was in a coma and the Maid cutting off her legs were a metaphor for her being removed from life support.

Rooftop Ending

  • It is speculated that Sabitsuki jumped to her death.

Maid Ending

  • None Yet