Empty Boxes

The Empty Boxes are special obtainables in .flow. There are three of them, and they can be collected only by Rust, in the areas that are inaccessible to Sabitsuki. When one of these items is collected, a message box is shown, but it is empty, hence the name. There is no way to keep track of them. These items are necessary to unlock the Rust Ending.


The Demon (鬼) is placed in the Back Ward. To get this item, the player has to go to the Parade Ward, and interact with a bloody hole in the wall. This will teleport Rust to an area identical to the Blood, Pus, Rust room, but this time Rust can go through the door, and arrive at a Flesh Walls area.

This area goes similar to the Childbirth event, but here, the Onigo blocking the path will quickly decay, allowing the player to go to the next room without any effort. The final area contains a giant Onigo, with her stomach cut vertically, and by interacting with it the player will get the Demon item.

Rust will be teleported back to the Parade Ward afterwards, and the bloody hole will disappear.


Video Directions


  • These items are named after the switches that they trigger and rooms that contain them.


  • These items may be related to some of the most traumatic experiences Sabitsuki has had.