The Dress Effect

The Dress effect dresses Sabitsuki in a black mourning dress complete with black gloves and veil. Like many other effects, it is entirely cosmetic and does not give Sabitsuki any powers.

The Dress effect can be found in the Industrial Snow World by interacting with the dress on the stand which is in one of the buildings.


Nexus > Pipes and Phone Poles > Apartments 1 > Industrial Snow World

Go left in the nexus, then go southeast to find the tiny house. Go through that. Go down the stairs, and ignore the elevator. You should move on to the next area and there should be doors. The first door you come across, you go through it to get to the Industrial Snow World. Going into that room, you will find another door which you simply go through.

Going straight up from the entrance, you'll find three cylinder shaped buildings with doors. The middle one will be where you'll see the dress on the stand!

Video Directions



  • The effect is ドレス in Japanese.


  • It seems odd that such mournful attire is only labeled "Dress". Perhaps this dress was commonly wore by Sabitsuki, another representation of her life being very difficult and taxing.