This page lists as many of the versions (English and Japanese) as can be found. Note that before playing you may need to either change your system locale to Japanese or try the Locale Emulator.

Version 0.194
May 27, 2019
Japanese English
The most up-to-date version of .flow.
Bug fixes and event tweaks.
Version 0.193
May 19, 2019
Japanese English
Added maps to the Snow World. Changed the location of Black Hood effect.
Version 0.192
November 22, 2014
Japanese English
Fixed bugs that were crashing the game.
Version 0.19
November 21, 2014
Added some maps and events.
A bugged release, replaced with 0.192.
Version 0.18
August 18, 2013
Japanese English
Fixed several bugs, added some maps, an NPC, and a few events.
Version 0.17
April 2, 2012
Fixed some bugs. Added new maps and some effect actions.
Version 0.16
April 1, 2012
An April Fools' version of .flow. The game begins normally, but getting on the computer activates a special event.
Version 0.15
July 18, 2011
Japanese English
Fixed bugs, made few small additions. Added Rust and Smile menu types.
Version 0.1
May 4, 2011
Added 5 effects, making a total of 24. Added three endings.
Version 0.09
August 30, 2010
download links missing
Added 5 effects, making a total of 19. Added maps. Added various events.
Compressed .wav files to save space, possibly lowering sound quality.
Version 0.08
May 4, 2010
download links missing
Added 5 effects, making a total of 14. Added some submaps, changed the equipment.
Version 0.07 (revised)
January 27, 2010
Fixed several bugs.
Version 0.07
January 25, 2010
download links missing
Added Orange, Tentacles, and Apartments maps.
Added effects, changed locations of several effects. Bug fixes and adjustments.
Version 0.06
October 23, 2009
Added a pole world map. Added an underwater map. Added the Broom and Watering Can effects.
Version 0.05
August 14, 2009
Major updates to the minigame. Chase and catch the fish. Effects and maps added.
Version 0.04
July 4, 2009
Added a music world map. Added an underwater map. Added sitting action when no effects are equipped.
Also made some general adjustments.
Version 0.03
May 6, 2009
Added an underwater map. Added a pole world map. Added an effect.
Version 0.02
March 10, 2009
download links missing
Fixed various bugs. Added instructions. Experimented with the minigame. Made half of an underwater map.
Version 0.01
February 22, 2009
download links missing
Cyclops effect removed. Debug movement speed bug fixed.
Effect actions added. Added connecting rooms to each world.
Version 0.00
February 15, 2009
download links missing
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