Double Speed Glitch
Flesh Walls chair


Double speed glitch is a glitch that allows you to increase your speed 2x twice. This allows for going 8x speed with the broom, however the steps to do it are somewhat long and convoluted.

How to Perform:

  1. Use Open the Menu in the Chair while asleep and wake up.
  2. While awake use it again to open the instructions in the chair to get Chair Storage
  3. Go back to sleep.
  4. Walk to the Sugar Hole.
  5. Equip the Iron Pipe on one of the bar stools.
  6. Go to the Flesh Walls, and kill the girl near the Whistle effect.
  7. Sit in her seat, and equip the Broom.
  8. Leave the Flesh Walls.
  9. Go back to your room.
  10. Interact with the Invisible Chair in your room.


  • Pressing shift with this glitch active will make you lose your speed.
  • You will get the 4x speed if you do it with any effect besides broom, or effects that slow you down.
  • The fastest way to the Sugar Hole is through the Blood Maze.
  • The fastest way back is going through the Rainbow Maze backwards.

Video link: Double Speed Glitch