Disposal (処理) is one of the newest areas in .flow. It houses the Black Hood effect.

The player can get here by going through entrance in the Snow World. They will arrive at the Tentacle passage (触手通路), which leads to the Disposal area proper.

The Disposal area itself is a corridor with several rooms filled with barrels and bathtubs. There are several students in gakuran school uniforms. They go still when Sabitsuki equips the Iron Pipe and can be killed, but do not react to anything else.

One of the rooms in the northwest of the Disposal area is unreachable. The player can approach its entrance, but a bathtub is blocking their way, and on the other side of it stands a Cleaner and three students. The one that stands near the bathtub is called Smile. It is possible to attract his attention by firing a warning shot from the Handgun, which causes him to look over his shoulder. Interacting with the obstacle between Smile and Sabitsuki shows a close up of his face, then he turns back to the Cleaner. If after witnessing this event the player comes back as Rust, there is no need to alert Smile. After Rust interacts with the obstacle between them, Smile looks back briefly, and a close up of his face is shown, but he has red vertical lines over his eyes, like in the Tattoo effect.

Aside from that, there is nothing else to do in this area. The eastern passage leads to the Black Hood (黒フード) room. There is a TV set, a red creature in a bathtub that makes knocking sounds and a body clad in a Black Hood. Sabitsuki gets this effect by interacting with it. The creature stops knocking and begins to shake and makes rattling noises when Sabitsuki equips the Television effect. Sabitsuki is unable to turn on her TV in this room.

Going south leads to the Ladder (梯子) room. Interacting with the ladder leads to the Deterioration area.


Connecting Areas


  • lol posted a Photoshop screenshot of the Disposal map on twitter on March 11, 2019.1
  • lol posted a screenshot of the Black Hood room on twitter on April 9, 2019.2
  • There is supposed to be an event in the Tentacle passage, when the lights go out depending on a random variable set up each time the player flows. This event requires the player to step on it, but is placed below the path, where it is unreachable.
  • There was a white square before the entrance to Disposal proper, an odd tile on the map. It was replaced with a picture of an eye in version 0.194.
  • There is a corpse in Disposal proper, which used to change into a living person when Sabitsuki had her Iron Pipe equipped. This bug was fixed in version 0.194.


  • Judging by the lack of tattoos on Smile, this place might be in the past.


Tentacle_Passage.png Black_Hood_room.png Ladder.png
Tentacle passage Black Hood room Ladder