Deranged Mouth
Notorious Mouth

A disconcerting area with Red Demons that will attack you and remove any effect you wear. The area features haunting music, grotesque imagery, etc. There is nothing special about this area aside from certain gateways that will take you into places in the Flesh Walls which is also where you enter in order to get to it. There are no effects.


Nexus > Neon World > Red and Blue World > Hospital > Bone Maze > Red Monster > Flesh Walls > Deranged Mouth World

More thorough walk through to get to Flesh Walls is under Viscera.

Connecting Areas


  • This is the only places in the game you can be attacked by Red Demons outside of Rust.
  • There is another area that looks the same aside from being more grotesque, fuzzy on the screen, and has a large amount of Red Demons inside.
area within
area similar to the original world residing in the Flesh Walls


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