Decaying Art Gallery
The Decaying Art Gallery: a picture on the wall to the right and a moving piece to the left

This gallery houses five different drawings scattered throughout as well as two strange moving pieces.
No effects can be found here.

It leads to the Industrial Maze and the Prison.


Entrance > Plant World > Submarine World > Underwater Maze > Dark Corridors > Decaying Art Gallery


  • This place is similar to the sewers of Yume Nikki, as you find drawings there as well.


  • It is quite possible that Sabitsuki drew these herself, this seems evident as the Hovering Screens appear both in the dream world and in the pictures.
  • The fact that the drawings feature eyes, screens, or both leads to the theory that perhaps Sabitsuki was under an almost constant surveillance which if considering the prior hospitalization would make sense.

Gallery Pictures

The Decaying Art Gallery: The compiled pieces