Debug Room
The Debug Room

The Debug Room (デバッグルーム) is a special room that is accessible either by using the "Walk Through Walls" glitch, or by modding the game, and exists for testing purposes.

The row of white icons to the right of the doors activates various cheats:

  • By interacting with the icon that looks like the Entrance, the player can change its appearance by selecting from one of three options.
  • The icon next to it, with a cat, can alter Sabitsuki's movement speed. The player can choose between "Usual" (ふつう), "Fast" (はやい), "Faaast" (はあやい), and "Godspeed" (神速)1.
  • The following icon, with a dot, allows the player to save at any time. The player has to agree to it by choosing "Do so" (する), and after that they can save the game from the menu, by selecting the previously unavailable "." option.
  • The next icon allows the player to select any Menu Type that is in the game. As the game's message box can display only four lines of text, the player has to select "Next" (次) to view the rest of the list.
  • The long icon that says "エフェクト" (Effect) gives the player all of the Effects upon interacting with it.
  • The last icon, the one that stands apart from the rest and also looks like cat, gives the player the "Accelerator" (かそくそうち), which allows them to change their speed at any time from the "Special" option in the menu. The player has to agree by selecting "Yes" (はい) to get the Accelerator.

The PC in the Debug Room teleports Sabitsuki directly into the Entrance. The most of the characters directly below it are interactable, and they either teleport Sabitsuki or change her appearance:

  • The Cleaner teleports Sabitsuki to the Town.
  • Oreko that stands next to the Cleaner teleports Sabitsuki to the Submarine World.
  • The Kaibutsu that faces downward and has a pipe triggers the Erosion Event.
  • Two Sabitsukis in different clothes change Sabitsuki's clothes upon interacting with either of them.
  • The Kaibutsu that looks to the right is completely uninteractable.
  • Another Oreko, that stands in the second row, teleports Sabitsuki to the Star World and sets the Friendship Meter to 44, allowing the player to get the Orange Menu type.
  • Smile teleports Sabitsuki to his house, where the player can get the Smile Menu type.
  • Demon Sabitsuki teleports Sabitsuki to Little Sabitsuki and sets the Erosion Counter to 121, allowing the player to get the Rust Menu type.
  • The Cleaner next to her teleports Sabitsuki to Sugar Hole and sets the Cakes Eaten Counter to 4, allowing the player to get the Sugar Menu type, granted they have enough money to buy another meal.
  • The Flower Girl teleports Sabitsuki to her room, where the player can get the Flower Menu type.
  • The Famicom Sabitsuki changes Sabitsuki's appearance from Famicom to Normal.
  • The Scarf Sabitsuki makes Sabitsuki wear a Santa hat. Equipping or using any effect removes the hat.

The items and characters that usually give Sabitsuki Effects still do so, and some also display lol's commentaries about them. Sabitsukis with various Effects equipped teleport the player to places when they can obtain these Effects.

Some characters appear in the Debug Room only with certain effects equipped:

  • Two blue creatures appear only when Sabitsuki has the Iron Pipe equipped. The left one can be struck with the pipe endlessly, while the right one disappears after the first strike.
  • The Twintail Gas Mask Sabitsuki appears only when Sabitsuki has the Gas Mask equipped, and makes Sabitsuki use the Twintail version of this effect if the player chooses "Yes" (はい). Pressing the action button will revert Sabitsuki back to her original hairstyle as she lifts her mask.
  • The Broom Sabitsuki appears only when Sabitsuki has the Broom equipped, and teleports the player to the Flying Event.