Children's Hospital
The Children's Hospital is not for the faint-hearted

The Parade ward of the Alleyway Hospital. This ward of the hospital is full of dead and dying children. IVs, heart monitors, and bloodied, failing lamps line the walls.


  • Alleyway Hospital > head into the morgue and go to the very back of the area. You will come across a room full of lamps and hospital children. Go into the first room and take the elevator.


  • There is a red mark at the very end of the corridor. If you smack it with the Iron Pipe it will open and reveal itself as a red wound, possibly an orifice. You can only enter the orifice as Rust.
  • There is an invincible girl at the end of the ward. She will not die if smacked with the pipe, however if a certain girl before the entrance is killed, then the invincible girl will die as well. More can be found about the bug here.
  • Occasionally a Kaibutsu laugh can be heard throughout the hall


  • If you go into the room down here there will be a little bloodied girl laying in the bed. It's been suspected that this could be Sabitsuki when she was younger as perhaps she had an illness that caused her to be bedridden for some time.