Cloud World

The Cloud World (雲) is a connecting area with a tiling path and constant rain. Off in the background are IV drips and heart monitors, as well as some beds and what appears to be blood splatters.

This world can be accessed either by interacting with the floating blocks on the rooftops of Apartments and Reverse Apartments, or by touching the grate in the Famicom World, which is located to the south of the Witch's house. The floating block on the rooftop of Apartments leads to the lower-left corner of the main area, the Reverse Apartments' block leads to the rightmost part of the same area, and the grate leads to the Static Noise (砂嵐) area.

The main area is the one accessed by interacting with the floating blocks. It contains two aggressive Kaibutsu, which are replaced by two Fetuses if this area is visited by Rust. By going up the vertical path of the main area, which is surrounded by white flowers, the player will arrive to the second part of the Cloud World, which contains some uninteractable beds, one of them unoccupied, and a grate that leads to the Static Noise area, which in turn leads to the Famicom World.


Connecting Areas


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Cloud_World_Map1.png Cloud_World_Map2.png
The Cloud World, map 1 The Cloud World, map 2