Cleaner World
Cleaner World, variant 1
Cleaner World, variant 2

The Cleaner World (掃除) is a set of two areas which house the Daruma effect.

Sabitsuki can access the Cleaner World by interacting with the painting on the wall of the Sugar Hole's backroom. She can arrive to one of the two possible areas, which are determined by a variable that is set on a random number between 1 and 100 each time the player goes into flow. If this variable is set on a number above 70, and Sabitsuki has obtained the Daruma effect, then she will be sent to the first variant of this world. In other cases, she is sent to the second variant.

The first variant is a bit smaller than the second one, and consists of a flat area with some holes in the ground. A couple of aggressive Kaibutsu wander around, and are replaced by Fetuses if this area is visited by Rust. There is a single Cleaner, which appears only if the area is visited by Sabitsuki. Next to the Cleaner is a chainsaw, which grants Sabitsuki the Daruma effect upon interacting with it. The only door in this area leads back to the Sugar Hole's backroom.

The second variant is larger, it has more holes in the ground with rusted or bloody pipes sticking out of them. There are three aggressive Kaibutsu, which are replaced by Fetuses for Rust, but the Cleaner, the chainsaw and the door are also present and function the same as in the first variant.


Connecting Areas


  • While it is possible to obtain Daruma in the first variant of the Cleaner World, the player will not be able to arrive to this variant without obtaining the Daruma effect first.
  • There is a "Cleaner" switch in the game, which is triggered on and off by the Cleaner in the room with the painting, and is triggered off when the player leaves the Cleaner World through the doors. Its purpose is currently unknown.


  • None yet.