The Childbirth event
The smiley looks like this

The Childbirth (出産) event can be randomly triggered in the Reverse Apartments. The Iron Pipe is necessary to witness this event, and Rust cannot reach it, although one of the Empty Boxes is based on this event.

Sometimes when the player goes into flow, what looks like a vomiting smiley face appears on the wall above the blood puddle in the hallway of the Reverse Apartments. Hitting it with the Iron Pipe will reveal an entrance.

It leads to the secluded part of the Visceral World, the other available doorway leads into a room full of Onigo. The player has to murder them to get to the next room.

The last room is where the actual event happens. There is a giant Onigo pinned to the wall and nine normal sized ones stand in front of her. The smaller ones explode one after another, and the big one has viscera splitting out of her stomach. Sabitsuki is forced to wake up after this event.

Witnessing this event for the first time raises the Erosion Counter by 50 points. Consecutive visits add only 10 points to the counter.



  • This event is named after two switches that control it: "Onigo childbirth" (鬼子出産) and "Childbirth complete" (出産完了).


  • While Rust cannot reach this event, she witnesses the same scene while going after one of the Empty Boxes. She enters the event area through an orifice in the Back Ward. In Sunset, the past version of Back Ward can be seen, and there is a door in the same place as the orifice, which leads to a room with a pregnant Onigo. It is possible that the giant Onigo and the pregnant one are the same.