Chair Storage

The Chair Storage glitch allows the player to lock their menu so it can be used only in places where it is normally disabled. This makes the player susceptible to softlock.

Because of this glitch the player can not use the menu normally, which prevents them from equipping and effect, using an equipped effect or waking up. To open the menu the player would have to be in a seat, or in certain events that normally disable the menu.

This leads to many programming conflicts and is often used for the more convoluted glitches.

Enabling the glitch

There are two ways to enable the Chair Storage glitch:

  • Open the Chair Menu while flowing and wake up. Flow again and interact with the Invisible Chair. This also results in Speed Glitch.
  • Open the Chair Menu while awake and open the Instructions. Flow and quickly hold down the Shift button, open the Chair Menu on the countdown screen and open the Instructions.

Disabling the glitch

Certain things disable Chair Storage:

  • Entering a few select areas (such as the Cloud World);
  • Entering an event that forces wake up;
  • Interacting with an Invisible Chair with Chair Storage active.