The Cat Effect

The Cat (ねこ) effect allows Sabitsuki to turn into a cat with a high pitched 'meow' sound when the action button is pressed. It is useful for shortcuts where a smaller size is required. The Cat effect is found in the Rainbow Maze in an area with what appears to be a giant lake.


Entrance > Dysmorphic World > Footprint Path > Rainbow Maze
Go up in the Entrance, then go northwest till you see two arms that you can pass through (you should encounter a grinning ghost with yellow eyes all around it right next to it). Once there, quickly find the two small white footprints in the area as an enemy while try to get you. Continue to go straight till you reach any area with a lot of footprints. Continue to go far right, then go up till you see a red monster. He will swallow you. Go straight up then go through the rainbow door.

This is where it gets difficult to follow. The Rainbow Maze page has directions if you'd rather follow those.

If you go directly down from where you entered, then slightly east, then up, you'll see a door. Enter that. Go left till you cannot anymore. North of you, you should see a door. Enter that. Remember, aim left. You may have to go down one step but you never need to go up till you can longer go left. Once you enter the door, explore the straightforward path and there should be a kitty! (Music is your guide. If the music is full of beats and pounding, you're in the right area.)

Video Directions



  • Sabitsuki might be fond of cats, as seen in her only game for the Famicom. It could be that she felt she was more like a cat than a person, thus the transformation into a cat during happier times, since it can be found in the Rainbow Maze.