Candle World Kaibutsu

This is a fan nickname for the super fast Kaibutsu in the Bone Maze.

Effects Needed

  • Iron Pipe (for 1)
  • Arm (for 2)
  • Broom (optional)

How to Activate the Event

  • 1. Go into the Bone Maze and smack the Kaibutsu, then attempt to run.
  • 2. Go into the Footprint Path and agitate the red tendrils until they take you to another part of the area. Find and bonk the Kaibutsu with pigtails and she will teleport you to a trapped area of the Neon World where there is a green cube. Interact with the green cube and all the NPCs will turn into green cubes. Use the Arm effect to return to the Nexus, now go into the Bone Maze. The Kaibutsu will laugh crazily and then catch you.
  • 3. Once you used the Arm effect after killing the foggy place Kaibutsu and going back through the portal, just go into the Bone Maze.


  • 1. Nexus > Neon World > Hospital > Bone Maze
  • 2. Nexus > Red Eye World > Footprint Path > Neon World > Nexus > Neon World > Hospital > Bone Maze


  • With method 2, the Kaibutsu's laugh will glitch up before it catches you.
  • Hacking to have godspeed and using the broom effect still cannot outrun the Kaibutsu.
  • It is possible to trigger this event without doing any of the methods above, most likely by a glitch.
  • It's possible for the Kaibutsu to glitch and get caught on one of the bone-like things sticking out of the ground, and as long as you remain above it, it cannot catch you, as it will be trying to move up to get to you, but the bone will be blocking it.
  • You can escape the Kaibutsu by using the Ghost effect.