Blood, Pus, Rust
The bloody room
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The Blood, Pus, Rust (血、膿、錆) is an event that is triggered in the Sewers.

The event takes places in a white room that is mostly covered in blood. There is a doorway in front of Sabitsuki, but when she tries to approach it, any equipped effect will be canceled. Sabitsuki refuses to go through the doorway, shaking her head just like when she refuses to leave her room in the real world. By trying to leave this room the same way she came in, Sabitsuki will suddenly vomit blood and collapse, waking up in the real world with blood all over her keyboard.

When this event is witnessed for the first time, the Erosion Counter will rise by 50 points. Each subsequent visit to this event will raise the counter only by 10 points.

This event can not be triggered by Rust.


This event is triggered in the Sewers, in the Wastewater area, which contains a giant slime. There is a pipe to the right of the slime, each time the player enters it, the Vomit (嘔吐) counter will be set to a random number between 1 and 100. When the counter is at 90 or above, the player will see two grates instead of one in front of Sabitsuki.

By interacting with the wall underneath these grates, the player changes the color of the giant slime outside of the pipe. Then the player just has to go past the giant slime to the left, and while doing so, Sabitsuki will be teleported to a path leading to the white room.


  • This event is named after the room that contains it, and switches triggered during the event.
  • The switches that allow Sabitsuki to be teleported to the white room are named "Slime drinking" (スライム呑み).
  • It is possible to go through the doorway as Rust, but the white room is accessed from a different location.
  • Sabitsuki actually gives off a smile just before she collapses.


  • Though the player never sees what is inside the other room as Sabitsuki, it is believed it must be horrifying enough that it causes both emotional and physical pain to her.
  • Since the counter responsible for the giant slime's color change is called "Vomit counter", and the switch that teleports Sabitsuki to the white room is called "Slime drinking", it is possible that Sabitsuki drank the sewer slime to end up in the bloody room, and this is the reason she vomits blood upon trying to leave it.