Black Hood
The Black Hood Effect

The Black Hood (くろフード) effect dresses Sabitsuki in a hooded jumper. The effect is found in the Disposal area by interacting with a body wearing a similar hoodie laying on the floor in the room with the red creature in a bathtub.


Entrance > Utility Pole World > Apartments > Snow World > Disposal

Once you're in the Utility Pole World, go southeast until you see a small house. This will take you to the Apartments. Ignore the elevator and go to the hallway. Go through the first door on the left, then through the other door in the room with a flower. Once in the Snow World, move northeast, and into the entrance. Proceed through the passage into the Disposal area, go east, then turn north, and then east again. Proceed into the Black Hood room and interact with the body on the floor to get the effect.

Video Directions


  • Pressing the action button causes Sabitsuki to lower her hood and pressing again will raise it back up.
  • Prior to version 0.193, this effect was located in the operating room of the Hospital.


  • Some theories indicate that there was a rather violent group/organization in which Sabitsuki was in. Effects like Iron Pipe, Tattoo and Black Hood suggest this.