Black-Haired Girls
A black-haired girl

These black-haired girls are found in a number of places throughout .flow, mostly in the body area. One is found lying in a bed in the hospital area, and another is found dead in the bloody-white area with children surrounding her. Most notably, one random event in the game leads to the south portion of the body area, which leads to a room full of black-haired girls, which leads to a room with dying black-haired girls, along with one larger one, a giantess being pinned against the wall by demonic figures whose stomach explodes in a bloody mess.

During the Rust chapter, all of them will die as soon as you see them, the reason for this is unexplained.


  • Their faces are never seen, with the exception of giant black haired girl during the Dying Girls Event, whose face can be partially seen for a few split seconds.


  • It is postulated that these girls represent some kind of cancer, since they seem to collect in a fleshy area resembling the inside of a body.
  • It is also postulated that these girls represent Sabitsuki's immune system, since the point in the game that they start dying left and right is the same point that the little red creatures run amok and deal actual damage. It is speculated that the presense of the black-haired girls early in the game were preventing the little red creatures from exiting the mouth areas.