Beginning .flow
The static screen

Starting a new game in .flow triggers the beginning (はじめて) event.

During this event, Sabitsuki floats in the middle of a black screen with static. Pressing the action button will cause the static to go haywire, and as Sabitsuki turns black and disappears, the camera zooms into the center of the screen, causing a transition to Sabitsuki's Room.


This event is triggered by selecting the ".flow" option in the main menu, which starts a new game.


  • Sabitsuki gets the Instructions during this event.


  • Since the event features a lot of static and a new game is started by using the "flow" option, some speculate that what is usually called "real" or "waking" world is also flow, and using the PC is just a way to reach a deeper level of flow.
  • It is possible that this event shows a failed attempt to flow, and the game might focus on dealing with whatever ended Sabitsuki's flow session during this event.