Bar Kaibutsu
The Kaibutsu at the bar

Everytime you enter the dream world, there's a random chance that a Kaibutsu will be present in the Sugar Hole area. This Kaibutsu will not display the usual aggressive behavior, and will instead remain on their seat while idly sipping on his drink. If you attempt to hit them with the Iron Pipe, they will counterattack before your blow connects, maiming Sabitsuki's body instantly. Afterwards, you'll see Sabitsuki's remains in a dark room as a door slowly closes, and you'll wake up.



  • If you pull out the Iron Pipe, the Kaibutsu will stop drinking.
  • Triggering this event always increases the Erosion Counter by 15 points, regardless of how many times it has been triggered before.


  • The door scene might represent this: The gas mask maid or the Kaibutsu took Sabitsuki in the furnance/outside and left you there.