The Arms Effect

The Arms (うで) effect allows Sabitsuki to return back to the Entrance at any time by pressing the action button, even after being transported to an inescapable room by a Kaibutsu. The effect will also give Sabitsuki five arms, which will fold inwards when returning back to the Entrance. The Arms effect can be found by navigating the Microorganism World, finding an arm sticking out of the ground, and interacting with it.


When you are in Microorganism World, keep going up till you reach the first clickable snowflake-thing. Interact with it, and you should be able to move outside of the path. Once you interact with it, go left until you see another path that has things jutting out the top, and the right side. Go directly north of that and you should find an arm that will give you the effect.

Video Directions


  • The Arms effect is a reference to the character Monoko from Yume Nikki, who takes on a 5-armed form after the Stoplight effect was used in her vicinity.


  • None