The Apartments

The Apartments are a series of rooms resembling a rundown apartment building.
There are no effects to acquire in this world. There are essentially two Apartment areas both separated by the Isometric Pathway. Blood splatters and graffiti cover the floor and walls of the apartments.

Despite the fact that there are no people here, jelly creatures inhabit some of the rooms. As well as another room containing a giant eye.


Connecting Areas

  • Industrial Snow world (through the first room with the plant in it)
  • Isometric Pathway (from the block on either roof)
  • Sugar Hole (back) (by going down the elevator in Apartments 2)
  • Elevator Room (by going down the elevator in Apartments 1)


  • The older versions of .flow used to have minor human NPCs in this area.
    • Ver .7 (and previous) had a wandering brown haired person.
    • Ver .8 and .9 had someone sleeping in a bed.
    • As of Ver.15 all human NPCs are either gone or inaccessible.
    • The doors have, as of .10 become either nonexistent or locked except for the first that leads to the Snow World.
  • The Eye Graffiti, as of ver .15 now bleeds if you hit it and blinks if you blink with the Mono Eye effect.
  • The cone blocking the stairway will disappear if you do the following: eat a cake at the sugar hole 10 times (you need a total of 3000 yen to do this, and you can only eat one cake per dream), then wake up, then go back into flow and interact with any of the maids. Although you can ascend the stairway, the room it leads to has no exit. This only works in v0.18.


  • None yet.