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This is a wiki for .flow, a Yume Nikki fangame made by a person known as lol. This wiki contains spoilers, proceed with caution.
Warning! The game features grotesque images and gore, which might make some people feel unwell. Be careful.

The very first version of .flow was released on February 15, 2009. The game has grown significantly since then, but following the tradition established by Yume Nikki, it will never be completed.

.flow's main setting is a dark dream. This game has no particular objective, it just lets the player explore a rusted world. The player begins the game as a girl named Sabitsuki, who stays in her room, the starting area of the game, refusing to leave. She can play a console game, she can go to sleep, allowing the player to save the game, and she can enter flow by using her computer. It is worth paying attention to the state Sabitsuki's room is in, continuous flowing might alter something in her surroundings. Sabitsuki's room is the starting area of the flow, as well. This time, however, Sabitsuki is willing to leave it into the Entrance, the central area from which other worlds can be accessed.

While flowing, Sabitsuki can collect various effects. Some of them are purely cosmetic, like a pretty dress, some serve an actual purpose, like a broom that allows Sabitsuki to move faster. They can be equipped in the pause menu (X button) and can be used with the action button (Shift). There are different characters Sabitsuki can meet while flowing, the player can try to talk to them using the interaction button (Z button). Do note that attempting to interact with someone while holding a weapon might lead to grisly results. Most characters pay no attention to Sabitsuki, but there are aggressive monsters that chase her down and trap her on touch, teleporting her to a small secluded area. That doesn't mean Sabitsuki would be trapped forever, the player can simply end the current flow session and wake her up with the special action available in the pause menu.

The flow never stays the same, each time Sabitsuki attempts it something changes, causing various random events in different locations. A friendly girl might be found in a different area than the last time. There might be a new person in the bar. Sometimes hitting an image on the wall in an apartment building can reveal an entrance to an unsettling place. Maybe an additional grate will appear in the sewers, and touching it might allow travel to someplace else. Even turning on the TV set in Sabitsuki's room might have different results sometimes.

While collecting all of the effects eventually leads to the end of the game, there is much more to it than just that. In the long run, it might be worth to discard them, and gather something more intangible instead.

.flow was made for a "Yume Nikki-like game creation" thread. This game was made with respect towards Yume Nikki. .flow has no connections to Yume Nikki or its creator, Kikiyama.